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Post  Melfaron on Fri Mar 12, 2010 6:01 pm

Arent we thinking about becoming allies with TribalHeat?
Souljay attacked me today, and destroyed all my soldiers. I think thats not a good start for negotiating allies.

Also the result of the fight seems peculiar to me.
He attacked me with three heroes and nearly 4000 soldiers. I defended with one hero and nearly 700 soldiers. He just lost 7 soldiers, and i lost all 700, how can this be?
Eventhough all his heroes got a 25 to 30% bonus to ATK and DEF and mine just 20%, this cant be right!

I would like to post the battlefield report here, so that you can see it, but i dont know how to link it.

Any experienced player here who has an idea how this strange fight result can happen?

thx so far.


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